Printer Ink – The Most Expensive Liquid in the World

More expensive than a bottle, or more accurately, 20 bottles of Chanel perfume; A lot more expensive than prescription eye drops, more than 50 bottles worth; much more expensive than a bottle of Dom Perignon 2003 vintage champagne; Worth about 100 bottles of pretty decent Vodka, like Absolut.

Guessed what it is? While the world is advancing in every possible way, trying to make life a bit easier for us, and also a bit less demanding of the environment.

Still, there hasn’t been anything invented to replace the printer. There are the Laser printers, who have better cent per page ratios and are no longer much more expensive to buy compared to the inkjet, but might require expensive maintenance a bit further down the road.

So there’s the inkjet, which will cost you when you buy it, and keep costing you until it finally breaks down. How much? More than $5000 per for a liter of black or color ink. How much more expensive is it compared to the materials we mentioned earlier?

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