The Last Barfighter Arcade Game Instantly Rewards Players with Beer

For video game fanatics and beer drinkers alike, then this may be the perfect game for you. The Last Barfighter not only offers an awesome gaming experience, but a thirst quenching and rewarding one, too!

This special arcade game was created by the McKinney advertising firm, and was commissioned by the Big Boss Brewing Company to promote its beers and ales. The Last Barfighter features the good old fun of versus street-fighting games. Instead of coin slots, there are two custom spouts on the machine, dispensing beer to the winner of every match. “To the winner goes the pour!”


Last BarFighter

Some of the characters featured on the Last Barfighter game are High Roller, Hell’s Belle, Bad Penny, and Angry Angel, all of which were named after the custom ales by Big Boss Brewing. Each player was designed in retro video game fashion, and these ladies can dish out mean punches and kicks plus crazy signature moves. The Last Barfighter arcade machine itself also resembles good old arcade games, except of course, instead of tickets you get a nice drink as a reward.

Big Boss Brewing, based in North Carolina, started in 2006, and since then has perfected their signature brews. According to them, real beer doesn’t only taste better, but it also satisfies. What better way to satisfy and quench any thirst by adding this unique arcade game with a twist!

According to Big Boss Brewing, this arcade game will be demoed to the public in one of the company’s St. Patrick’s Day events in March 2013. Until then, brew lovers will just have to wait for their crack at the game!

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Via Laughing Squid