Is November 8th The Release Date For The Xbox One?

Sony recently announced their PS4 is coming out November 15th, but it seems Microsoft’s Xbox One might beat them to the shelves for about a week.

Xbox One Controller

Microsoft has not announced yet the big day for the Xbox One, the next console in line in the Xbox brand, to hit the shelves, but some retailers are giving some hints and speaking of launch windows. For example, the latest hearsay, places the console’s release date at November 8th. The source for this information claims to be working with a marketing company doing product placement for Walmart and other retailers. He/she has said that he’s seen an email for a company conference call that discusses midnight openings for Microsoft’s next black box.

Then again, this is all hearsay as of yet, and Microsoft are the ones that have the final word, so don’t come to us with pitchforks if this prediction fails! Still, it’d be interesting to see if Microsoft will attempt to get the jump on their honorable competition this time around too.

Source: Kotaku

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