nPower PEG Gives You Power on the Go

If your handheld electronics tend to run out of battery power at the worst times and places, it can be hard to find somewhere to recharge them. This is especially true for people in outdoor activities such as hiking, but it’s still an inconvenience for your average city-dweller.

The nPower PEG aims to be the ultimate solution for those that need power on the go. This kinetic energy charge transfers the energy that you exert into energy that your cell phone, MP3 player, or GPS can continue to run on. To go into a bit more detail, this portable charger is simple to use. Just throw it in your backpack and go about your business: walking, hiking, running. The PEG stores that energy so that you can use it later. According to the specs on the nPower PEG website, 1 minute of simple walking can power 1 minute’s worth of energy for your iPod Nano. For a minute of talking on your iPhone 2G, you’ll need to walk for 11 minutes.

nPower PEG Carried in Backpack

nPower PEG Charging Phone

This is a great source of emergency power, and it’s not powered solely by your energy. You can charge it via USB so that it’s ready when you’re leaving home, and your movement can keep it fully charged. If you happen to drain it by charging one of your handheld devices, then walk some more to make up for some of the lost energy.

It’s a nifty gadget, but it’s tough to say just how practical it is. For people who really find themselves in the middle of nowhere, or at least far from somewhere convenient to recharge their devices, this can be incredibly handy. At only 11 ounces, it’s certainly a lighter form of portable power than some alternatives. For the average tech-geek who’s never far from a power outlet or even another computer to USB charge from, however, this may not be too useful. It’s quite popular, though, already back-ordered as the first shipment has sold out completely. If this is a device you can’t live without, you can reserve one in advance for when they’re back in stock for $159.99. For other unique ways to charge your devices, make sure to check out the Portable Powermat and even this Solar Powered Media Player.

Via: Earth911