Eat Smart with Nutrismart

Every new technology is moving us towards a smarter world. So why not switch to smart diet as well? This could soon be a reality if the concept of the RFID tag turns into reality. This is already in use for medical purposes but when it enters the mainstream market it will change the way people purchase edibles at a super market.

A new German designer project named ‘Nutrismart’ is evolving to give eating habits a smarter edge. The project aims at assigning RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tags to enable product tracing. This will bring about a revolution in the food consumption from the store to the home refrigerator. A simple scanner will help trace the supply chain of a product. Along with this the shopping process will be automated and a fridge will be able to send out a warning when a product gets spoiled. This project also incorporates oven cooking wherein all ovens will be automated. Once the food is scanned the appropriate cooking process will be adopted. That is a rather smart way of managing food business!

The second part of the project is called the Smartplate. As the name suggests it is a plate which functions smartly. It will have the capacity to give you accurate details of every item you place on it. So how is this intended to work? It is not very simple but technology sure does make it sound so and in turn simplify our lives. The Smartplate consists of a veneer tray attached with a plate on side. On the underside of the plate is an RFID reader that is invisible to the user. So if you place a sushi roll on the plate the reader will automatically monitor your food and give you accurate results pertaining to what you are eating. It acts as a diet management system. Embedded under the veneer tray is an LED light that acts as a visual correspondence with a mobile device. Using the Bluetooth technology, data regarding every monitored food item is transferred to a mobile or laptop from where it can be accessed by the user.

The transferred data not only gives information about nutritional values of a food item but also its heritage history, food miles and the ingredients used in the preparation. It can also give information on any particular food item that a user is allergic to. This, in fact, can turn into a personal diet manager for every member of a household.

With a ‘Nutrismart’ system it is not required to change ones eating habits but only to be a bit more alert and conscious of what is being consumed. A little bit of precaution can go miles in bringing about a better lifestyle.

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Via: Tuvie