Ocarina of Time N64 Mod: Nostalgia Overload

What happens when you combine one of the most beloved consoles of the 90s with its most beloved game? That’s right, you strike pure gold.


This is DeviantArtist Zoki64‘s latest opus, a Nintendo 64 paintjob slash mod themed after the N64’s highest rated title, and the greatest game of all time according to some people: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time.

“Hey, Walyou, why do you have two pictures in different shades of the same thing? Are you just wasting my bandwidth?” – Not at all, dear reader. The thing is, the console looks different when faced with direct light (right) and indirect light (left), making it look like it changes color, which is in turn our favorite thing about this mod. Maybe it’s representing the two time lines in the game?


You can see this effect in the video right below these lines:

Good job, Zoki64! Even though you’re not the hero of time, you sure put time to good use, and for that, you have our respect!

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