Build an X-Wing From Office Supplies

Are you stuck in the office dreaming that you were sailing down the Death Star trench trying to get that perfect shot down the shaft? You can get the next best thing by turning off your targeting computer and building an X-Wing out of ordinary office supplies.You’ll need a Sharpie, a small pencil sharpener, four brass fasteners, two medium and two large binder clips, some glue, and a memory card from a camera. You’ll also need some staples, but you should be able to steal some from Milton’s red Swingline stapler.

Stick the memory card under the clip of the Sharpie and glue it if you want.

Then remove the legs from the binder clips and replace them with the legs of the large binder clips. The Instructables site says “This takes a bit of force but it can be done!” It would be even more awesome to actually use The Force to build this thing, though.

Then clip the binder clips to the memory card for the wings and glue the pencil sharpener which serves as the cockpit in place.

x wing fighter office materials

The pen caps serve as the X-Wing’s thrusters. Glue those on, then  glue the brass fasteners onto the wings to serve as the cannons. We can’t blow up the Death Star if we don’t have weapons, can’t we?

Finally, glue the top two thrusters on. The Instructables post say that this is rather tricky, but nothing will stop a sufficiently determined Star Wars geek.

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x wing fighter office supplies

Via: Instructables