Diablo 3 to Implement a ‘Follower’ System

This year had fans of Diablo, the popular Blizzard franchise, scavenging for news and information. After the company announced Diablo 3 wouldn’t come out in 2011, fans were terribly disappointed. But fear not, for there’s some new Diablo 3 footage for you, with new data and even a couple in-game videos. And get ready, because it seems the game is gonna end up being as addictive as any Blizzard production, ever.

The video was aparently leaked from Blizzard Entertainment’s Korean arm, and besides the always exciting new footage, shows one of the all-new features of Diablo 3. We’re talking about the follower system, which allows players to ‘hire’ characters to aid in battle. Yes, the slashing and hacking now won’t be just a matter of clicking away, you’ll receive some help from your disciples. The followers will each have their own class, and from the video, we could confirm at least three:  Enchantress, Scoundrel and Templar. Apparently, each will have their own special abilities, and will be able to equip certain pieces of armor, garments and weapons, so it will be basically like controlling two characters.

Diablo 3 Followers

The question, now, is if it’s possible to hire more than one Follower, as the videos show only one at a time. Will there maybe be a party system, where instead of a single hero we’ll be able to have 3 characters doing the hacking and slashing? In any case, we can’t wait to have this game within our grasp.

Source: Joystiq