Interlude’s Video Technology Shows Off Andy Grammer’s optimism, clumsiness

Andy Grammer’s music video for “Keep Your Head Up” is doing something very unique to music and film on the Internet. Besides lifting spirits, making people want to get up and dance, and featuring the cooky Rainn Wilson of “The Office,” the hit song is now the “Choose Your Own Adventure” of music videos.?Interlude video instructions
Thanks to Interlude’s new innovative video marketing and the help of S-curve Records, viewers can literally alter the chain of events in Andy Grammer’s optimistic journey through clumsy movers, thug bikers, and beautiful cupcake wielding vixens. Do you want Andy to change his frosting-stained shirt for a black or red one? Which floor will take the elevator to, and who will he meet there? This is all up to the viewer, who is given roughly five seconds to choose one of two story altering events. Check it out below: 

Interlude’s interactive video technology makes for an interesting mix, literally. Obviously filmed with scene manipulation in mind, “Keep Your Head Up” has hundreds of possibilities, and users can share their version of the video on the web, a great user-based marketing tactic.

Interlude customizes videos for entertainment, advertising, and consumer-driven clients so they can embed interactive videos like these on corporate websites, even keeping on message with established marketing campaigns across multiple medias including TV and radio.

The Interlude Player is what allows the clip swap in videos, but the best part is it can be shared to computers, phones, and the like without requiring viewers to install additional software. While the marketing ideas are slick, we’re really wondering how tedious and annoying it must have been to re-shoot scenes with slightly altered details. In the end, it still looks fun.

If you’d like to learn more about Interlude’s services, you can find their website at For more viral marketing ideas, check out Genieo and Wibbitz.