Okami HD Lands On PlayStation Network October 30

Next month sees the re-release of a PS2 classic that looks howling good in high definition.

Okami HD TGS 2012 image 1

PlayStation 3 owners are in for a real treat (a doggie treat?), as a cult hit lands on the PlayStation Store on October 30. A day right before Halloween, too. Don’t fret, it’s nothing scary, unless your scared of beautiful Japanese painting-like graphics and a butt-kicking wolf god.

I’m talking about Okami HD, of course. Capcom’s finally done with the high-def 1080p remastering (with help by studio HexaDrive of Rez HD port fame) of this sadly overlooked action-adventure sprawl that was first introduced on the PlayStation 2 and soon ported with motion-controls over to the Nintendo Wii. They both have their own individual strengths, that’s all I’ll say about that.

Okami HD TGS 2012 image 2

The latter peripheral-pointing functionality stays intact thanks to the PlayStation Move, which is one of the back-of-the-box features for the $19.99 digital release along with trophy support. Our gamer friends in Japan though, get a physical version of Okami HD in a pretty awesome package that will never see the light of day over here.

Oh, you know I’m so jelly about that. But at least we’re getting this much, and I must admit, Capcom seems to have put a lot of spiffy effort into this port. It honestly shows in this latest trailer they put out around the Tokyo Game Show.

Like a moving masterpiece. So lovely. I can’t wait for that to drop on PSN, where recently there’s been a ton of fantastic titles dropping one by one. Papo & Yo, Jet Set Radio HD, and starting on September 25, Tokyo Jungle. You should definitely go check them out along with the multitude of cool things to see on Walyou, from cereal bowl lamps to NES zapper turned wall-melting laser beam gun.