On Air From Behind the Scenes: Cool Video Camera Concept

The camera is loved by everyone, be it on either side of it. Some like to shoot while some like to be shot while there are some who like both. However, at a time it is only possible to do one thing, either shoot or get shot. Well, that is what the scene was like till date but might not be anymore. The On Air Cam by Lee Jung Hoon promises to do both and at the very same time. Is it unbelievable? Not really. You need to take a look at it to believe your eyes.

Going by its name, the On Air Cam helps you go on air while you are shooting your video. It is equipped with two lenses that allow simultaneous recording of the object in front of the camera as well as the person behind the camera. There are mikes, both in front and at the back, which again capture the sound from both sides. That means you can record and narrate at the same time with you yourself being a part of the frame. Now if you have really scaled the Mt Everest there can be no doubt about that fact. People will have to believe you as you have a video to prove yourself.

This camera has been created in times when technology is changing every minute. Means of communication are becoming faster and sharing of videos is a matter of seconds. There are vloggers like Urgo who constantly upload videos on websites like Youtube and within a span of a few seconds the world has access to that what has been uploaded. You sure would like to do the same and as is human nature we all like to receive appreciation for our work. On Air Cam is all equipped to help you out in this area as well.

Being 3G and Wifi enabled it grants you the ease of instantly uploading that what you have recorded. Taking it a step further, it is also possible to view a recording in real time. The OLED screen facing you on the camera gives you a clear picture of what is appearing within a frame.The On Air Cam is a very ergonomically designed piece that gives ultimate ease in operation. Its shape makes it easy to grasp the camera with one hand with all fingers resting on the control buttons. With slight finger movements you can easily zoom in and out, start a recording or capture a picture. It is a well thought out product that is sure to be popular with all those Youtubers who love recording and uploading videos.

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