Open-Source Collaborative Video Platform

The cloud could not miss something like photo or video editors. However, Novacut is a lot more than that, as it is open-source and it allows users from different parts of the world to edit the same clip in real time.

One of the most important aspects of this platform is that it is open-source. Once it will be launched, programmers are able to alter the source code and improve it to meet their demands. This means that in time, the video editing software will only get better. In addition to that, the person hours and the costs of collaboration will also decrease drastically, leaving more profit for the movie producers.

Another great advantage is represented by the cloud-related features. The cloud may be used for storage and backup, as well as for rendering the video clips. According to the Ubuntu Wiki page of the project, the Distributed Media Library will solve problems such as file management, storage, file integrity checks and so on. This will decrease considerably the risk of losing the files.

Novacut has been developed with HDSLR cameras in mind (among a lot of many other things). At the moment, only Canon HDSLR cameras are supported, but other brands will surely be added in the future. The microphone included in the camera will only be used for syncing the audio. For even better results, users are recommended to employ a hot-shoe mic. High-quality digital audio recorders will store the audio part that is used for the production. The quality of the production audio can be enhanced if shotgun-mics are used.

At the moment, the project is listed on KickStarter, in an attempt to get the funding necessary for launching the platform. The developers also established several thresholds for the donation. Depending on how much money people give, they will receive certain bonuses. For example, donating more than $10 grants the publication of the name in the list of backers, while a donation of $300 or more gives access to the beta stage of the development.

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