Artist Connects 6,239 Dots, Draws Mona Lisa

It’s quite likely that you’ve never imagined connect-the-dots to be this awesome. They were always fun little games as a kid, whether in comic books or at school. They did little other than reinforce counting skills and the ability to draw straight lines, but going from a series of dots to an identifiable image was always cool, nonetheless. For those who wish to continue connecting dots in adulthood, however, a bit more of a challenge is required. Thomas Pavitte definitely noticed this and decided to create his own 6,239-dot puzzle. As you’d imagine, something of that magnitude should result in something other than a rocketship, an apple, or a telephone. In fact, Mr. Pavitte ended up connecting all the dots and creating his own version of Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa.

The project took him nine hours to complete drawing, but that doesn’t include however much time it took him to actually plot out the dots and number them in the first place. Due to the sheer number of dots, he also color-coded them, switching the hue every 400 dots in order to keep from being distracted by literally thousands of other potential vertices. He didn’t make it easy on himself, either, as you can see many of the segments criss-cross with each other. The whole drawing is essentially one continuous string of segments, though, and their result is pretty clearly the Mona Lisa.

Connect the Dots Mona Lisa

The larger version of the picture isn’t an impressive replica, with only one eye easily identifiable and her famous smile not quite visible, but as you “zoom out” and view it from afar you can see just how closely it resembles the famous painting. As an added bonus, he even recorded a video of himself connecting the dots, but there’s no need to worry about watching a nine-hour video of a guy drawing multiple little lines; he’s used time-lapse to crunch the work down to just under four minutes. For more creative re-creations of the Mona Lisa, check out this version created with PC folders, this one made out of LEGO bricks, or simply a list of 18 awesome remakes.