Facebook Circle Hack Tool

Google+ has created a sort of revolution among social media fans with its attempts to bring Facebook down.

However, Facebook is not an easy target to bring down, and Google’s new venture may find it really difficult to compete with the large number of Facebook users who refuse to move away from their beloved social networking site. With that in mind, 4 Facebook engineers have unofficially launched a new site called Circle Hack. The site allows you to drag and drop your friends into circles similar to those found on Google+.

The app allows you to organize your Facebook friends into lists easily and quickly and the interface is eerily similar to Google+’s Circles interface. All that you would need to do is drag a friend and drop him or her into a circle (list, in this case) that you would think is appropriate. You could even drag and drop multiple people into the circle and create new lists. However, there are several limitations with the hack when it comes to things that it can do.

Circle Hack does not allow you to delete your friend lists and you also would not be able to remove a friend from a list once you add them. In order to do so, you would need to open your Facebook account and edit your lists. Google+’s Circles are meant to help you share information with only those who you want to share with.

However, Facebook Circle Hack merely organizes your friends in various lists, and to manage your privacy settings, you would any way need to go to the privacy settings of Facebook and custom change them for each individual. Of course, the app has just been announced, and could be a reaction by loyal Facebook engineers against what they see as major competition that they can easily fight. Perhaps, Facebook engineers would eventually address privacy issues too, and make Google+ pretty redundant eventually just like Google Wave and Google Buzz ended up being.