One2Touch Softpad S1 NFC Keyboard Makes Typing a Breeze

No matter how versatile software keyboards become, some still consider hardware buttons a better option. One2Touch Softpad S1 is an NFC keyboard that combines the latest technologies with a compact design.

NFC is one of the technologies that picked up a lot of speed recently. The number of smartphones packing it continues to grow, and the fact that most of them run Android is very gratifying (or am I the only one who’s happy about Apple not implementing this into their iPhones?). Besides NFC tags, which are quite common by now, there are even NFC security rings that lock or unlock smartphones based on proximity. The following gadget is a highly portable NFC keyboard called One2Touch Softpad S1 that’s meant to make the life of mobile typists a tad bit easier.

As seen in the following picture, the One2Touch Softpad S1 NFC keyboard folds into three to take up less space and fit inside a pocket. When folded, it’s held together by a silicon band. Upon unfolding it, you will discover an NFC-enabled space in the middle of it, where you have to place the smartphone. Since there is plenty of room, the smartphone can be used either in portrait or landscape mode equally fine.

As most NFC gadgets, the One2Touch Softpad S1 keyboard comes with a companion app that you will have to download from Google Play. I assume that at least for the moment the developers aren’t considering making their keyboard compatible with Windows Phone devices that pack NFC. In fact, the layout of the keys is also a hint that this NFC keyboard was designed with Android in mind. Besides the letters, it also includes Home, Back and Search buttons.

One2Touch, the Norwegian company who prides itself in making the world’s first NFC keyboards for Android smartphones, intended to make this product as easy to use as possible. There’s no pairing involved, nor is there battery-charging. One2Touch Softpad S1 comes with 2 cell batteries that can be easily replaced once they run out. It might take a while to get used to typing on it, but once that’s done, Android users can start typing as never before. For $99.99, this low-power mobile keyboard might be among the best Android smartphone accessories out there.

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