Samsung Galaxy S4 Sliding Bluetooth QWERTY Keyboard Case

No matter how much the technology advances, it still looks like a lot of people would rather go back to the bygone era of sliders. This SGS4 QWERTY keyboard case is firm proof of that.

What I’m trying to say is that while practical, this Samsung Galaxy S4 slide-out keyboard case is evidence that some people actively refuse software keyboards, regardless of how easy to use their developers make them. Swype, Swiftkey and even the recently launched Google Keyboard are software keyboards that should not pose problems to anyone, yet still people prefer the hardware ones.

This keyboard case connects to the phone via Bluetooth and provides access to all buttons, as any functional case should do. On top of that, it comes with a 280 mAh high-performance rechargeable battery, so it doesn’t drain the one of your phone. Turning Bluetooth on whenever using this keyboard is enough of a burden for the phone’s battery. An on/off switch will help preserving the power of the case. An integrated battery was necessary not only for the Bluetooth module, but also for the LED backlight that turns writing in the dark into a breeze. Charging the battery for 2 hours should provide 8 hours of use and 45 days of stand-by time.

The fact that this QWERTY keyboard not part of the phone itself is an advantage over sliding mobile phones. I don’t know how the newer models react, but HTC Touch Pro, for example, used to hang a while before rotating the display in landscape mode when sliding out the keyboard.

Another strong point of this case is that it doubles as a stand, since the angle of the keyboard can be easily adjusted. Not at last, the case should make Samsung’s flagship a bit more resistant to physical shocks. When it comes to this, Apple’s products are superior in build quality.

Of course, there also are some disadvantages to it. First of all, SGS4 is among the slimmest smartphones available on the market. This Bluetooth sliding QWERTY keyboard case will add not only some bulk to it, but also a bit of weight.

SGS4 owners who are tempted by this case and cannot live without a hardware QWERTY keyboard should head over to Hypercel, where this device can be purchased for $79.99. You should also visit this retailer’s website if you want to learn more technical details about the product.

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