Tuit Security Ring Uses NFC to Unlock Your Smartphone

Up to 44% of people think that using a passcode security lock on their smartphone is a bit too cumbersome. For such people, an NFC security ring that locks or unlocks smartphones depending on the distance, might be the perfect solution.

As iPhones don’t have NFC, it’s clear that the developers of the Tuit ring conceived their product with Android smartphones in mind. Regardless of the devices it was made for, it’s great to see that the NFC technology picks up speed, in one form or another. In an interview with NFC World, creator Roy Taragan stated: “We should be offering clear and straight-forward solutions that use NFC, so it can be adopted by the general public. That’s how we approached Tuit.”

Apparently the security ring will come with a companion app named Tuit LockScreen that is required for pairing the device with the NFC-enabled smartphone. Taragan emphasized the ease of use, as well as the coolness that results from wearing the ring: “The Tuit and its app together offer a complete solution for everyday, non-technical users, who don’t necessarily know what NFC is or that they’re using it. This way 14-year old girls can wear Tuit because it’s cool and pink and unlocks their phone.”

Speaking of pink Tuit rings, this polycarbonate gadget will be available in four different color schemes. This should make it easier to match the color of the ring to our outfit. Age could also determine differences in preferred colors, hence the developer’s desire to offer the product in several different varieties.

The following video demonstrates how the phone locks up or unlocks depending on whether it is held with the hand wearing the finger or not.

Below is the promo video for the Tuit NFC security ring that the developers posted on Kickstarter, where funds are being raised for its mass production. However, with 11 days to go and a bit over 10% out of the $100,000 goal, it seems a bit unlikely that this project will be funded. This is sad, as Tuit really is something new and has potential of becoming a functional fashion accessory. As hope dies last, you are free to contribute $25 as an early bird (plenty of spots left there), or $30 as a regular backer to get a Tuit ring for yourself.

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