OnePlus Fluid Displays with 120Hz Refresh Rate Coming to Newer Phones

OnePlus fluid displays

OnePlus’ CEO Pete Lau just announced the launch of a 120Hz fluid display. These smooth OnePlus fluid displays will be used in newer phones that will be launched in 2020. So far, the company’s 90Hz displays have already attracted a lot of rave reviews from users. OnePlus 7 is currently one of the most popular smartphone ranges available in the international market at the moment. 

The new OnePlus fluid displays pack in a number of attractive features:

  • The fluid displays are made from AMOLED material and offer visual rich experiences
  • They can reach a peak brightness of up to 1,000 nits
  • The displays are ultra-sensitive to touch, and users can scroll smoothly
  • The responsive touch goes to a new level, thanks to which users can enjoy quicker refresh rates
  • The fluid displays support 10-bit color. This means, each primary color will have 1,024 shades. More than 1.07 billion colours will make the screen look rich and beautiful

When will smartphones with OnePlus fluid displays be available?

At the moment, it is not clear when OnePlus will launch the new phones with these attractive displays. Most probably, the company will start launching them in the third quarter of the year. It is also unclear if these screens will be available on the OnePlus 8 range, which is likely to be announced anytime now. The CEO’s blog does not indicate when the company plans to launch smartphones with these displays.

A growing demand for immersive and richer experiences

There is a huge market for OnePlus in Asia and elsewhere, where customers are saturated with Samsung and other older Android players. Customers often seek richer user experiences and more immersive UI. As a result, manufacturers that invest in advanced graphics, visual technology and audio often outpace companies that solely focus on faster processors and chips. 

If there is anything that can make people buy expensive phones, it has to be the quality of the screens. Most people are saturated with advanced features, and there isn’t much that can turn heads around. However, rich and beautiful visual experiences will certainly attract people to purchase smartphones with displays such as this one.