Xiaomi Mi A2 Android 10 Update Brings Cheer to Users

Xiaomi Mi A2 Android 10 Update

Mi A2 users have something to celebrate, as the company has rolled out an Android 10 update. This Xiaomi Mi A2 Android 10 update also comes with the December 2019 security patch that fixes a number of bugs and privacy issues. What makes this update special is, this particular model is already two years old. Most people were not expecting an update and many had begun to consider purchasing newer cellphones in order to experience Android 10. 

A little about the Xiaomi Mi A2 Android 10 update

If you have Mi A2 you can go ahead and install the Android 10 update manually. This update quite resources heavy and weighs 1.3 GB. This is due to the fact that it also contains a security patch from December 2019. Some users have reported that there are certain bugs and glitches in this update which probably will be fixed very soon. This update will also be rolled out automatically but currently one will have to update it manually.

Before you update your Mi A2 phone to Android 10, here are the things you need to do:

  • Make a backup of all your data on the phone and save it in the cloud
  • Connect your phone to the power plug and make sure it remains connected as you update. This is a resource-heavy update and you will need all the power your phone’s battery has.
  • After updating, check if your phone is functioning properly. 
  • Restore your backup and make sure everything gets synced correctly
  • You may experience battery drain initially but this issue seems to fade away after some time.
  • There may be few bugs that will be fixed in newer updates as and when they are discovered

The Xiaomi Mi A2 Android 10 update is good news

As you can see, this update comes with a number of benefits for people with older phones such as Xiaomi Mi A2. This is also an indication that new iPhones that currently do not run on Android 10 will soon be able to as well. If you currently own a Xiaomi Mi A3, an update might soon be in the corner. Just wait until it is rolled out for your device as well. In fact, you can just go ahead and get a Xiaomi Mi A2 for yourself, as it now supports Android 10.