Active 3D Technology by Crunchfish Demonstrated on a Samsung Nexus S

Crunchfish has just presented a brand new Active 3D controlling mechanism for smartphones and tablets where users can interact and control objects on their screen with hand gesture technology only.

active 3d tech crunchfish nexus s

The videos below show a few different possibilities for the Active 3D gesture controls without the need to touch the screen. Some examples are: flipping 3D boxes with a flick of a finger over the screen, touchless scrolling through a photo album, and also moving an object or drawing on the screen with a hand hovering over the screen.

With this new technology, Crunchfish makes interactive “physical” gaming possible without the need for: hi tech accessories, high processing speed, large memory size and high resolution cameras. Basically, you do not need the newest and best smartphone or tablet to use this new Active 3D Tech.

The videos all demo this on a Samsung Nexus S, yet it should be available for other leading smartphones and tablets as well.