Windows 8 Bringing Tiled Touchscreen Look

In the computing world, you either evolve or you die.  There is no sitting on your laurels when the big companies are out there scooping up all the profits and that is why just a few years after Windows 7 was introduced to the world Microsoft is planning on launching Windows 8.

Touchscreens have become the wave of the future when it comes to the popularity of many products.  Even lesser known devices and tablets are getting even more popular because of the touchscreen as people get sick of the roller balls or other ways to navigate through smartphones and mice or arrow keys when dealing with laptop and desktops.  That is why even products like the new Palm tablets are going touchscreen.

Windows has been extremely proactive in bringing updates to their operating systems of late, and with rumors of the new Windows Phone 7 OS update, it is no surprise that Windows 8 is going to look a lot like their Smartphone touch screen.  Of course, until Microsoft actually releases a computer that actually has a touch screen monitor the look of touchscreen is as far as they can go.  Still, the tiling that goes along with the Windows Phone 7 screen appearance is still a cleaner look that is pleasing on the eye.

The “live tiles’ that are prevalent on the Smartphone will  display real live updates from whatever websites and social networks that the user can manipulate to their liking.  These tiles can also be enlarged with the click of a mouse to give the home screen a real tablet like look to the screen.

This particular idea, to make even computers that don’t have touchscreens look like tablets will make it easier to port Windows 8 to other devices and it may actually hint at a Windows tablet coming in the near future.  While there still has not been any sort of announcement of a Windows tablet just yet, the look will make it easier if one does come. There hasn’t been an official date stated for the release of Windows 8, but most insiders are saying it will probably be made available during the Holiday season of 2011 or early 2012.