Cool Optical Illusion from the Inception Chair

Chairs are not just for sitting. They can actually be awesome works of art. Take for instance this stunning Inception Chair, giving that cool illusion of depth and distance. Plus, you can build it like a puzzle!

Inception Chair 1

Designer Vivian Chiu brilliantly came up with the idea of putting together different sizes of chairs to build a masterpiece. There are actually 10 different pieces in the Inception Chair, each getting progressively smaller. Each chair frame fits into the larger piece by means of grooves and notches, all hand cut.

Inception Chair 5

Inception Chair 6

Inception Chair 7

Talk about a DIY chair! You will have to figure out the puzzle before you can actually sit on it. The dimensions of the completely built Inception Chair are: 16 inches by 16 inches for the base, 32 inches for the height. Each of the 10 chair frames were carved from ash wood. Once put together, all frames appear seamless, creating a smooth surface that you can comfortably sit on.

Inception Chair 2

Inception Chair 3

Inception Chair 4

Check out the Inception Chair from all angles, and you’ll see that the nesting frames create a unique optical illusion. The view from the back, front, and side of the chair gives the feeling of distance, like you were entering some sort of wooden hallway. It’s a piece of home furniture that will keep your amazed guests talking. However, there was no indication from Chiu if the Inception Chair will be coming to stores soon. But either way, this home concept will truly be a pleasure to own.

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Via: Design Boom