Optical Mouse Ring Enhances Efficiency and Effectiveness

The optical mouse ring is a clever little device designed to fit around the index finger. It is a replacement for the mouse, and tracks through finger movement. This is probably as cool as it sounds, because it integrates a more natural form of interaction with a more convenient method of input.

Optical Mouse Ring

For example, if I was in a tight spot, like a bus, plane, or lecture hall, I’d prefer to use the optical mouse ring over a trackpad or a portable mouse. The truth is this optical mouse ring makes better use of the free space and also allows for a faster and much more effective interaction with the computer.

Given the popularity of motion-sensing and a more physical interaction between man and machine nowadays (the popularity of the Wii and Kinect indicate this), I think that the optical mouse ring will be a hit with mainstream crowds as long as they are willing to try out this novel product. I’m a bit doubtful that it will replace the mouse, as it’s still a staple of all computers.

I’ll be the first to admit that it’s probably not perfect, though. For one thing, it’ll take quite a bit of adjustment and the transition from the familiar mouse to using a pointer finger to control the cursor will be probably be quite a tedious learning curve. Nonetheless, I think that it will pay off in dividends once you get used to it, as it’s probably faster and easier on the wrists too. It also looks like a much more original and fun way to use the computer, which is always a plus.

Optical Mouse Ring

The device itself might make you look a bit goofy while you’re using it. For one thing, everyone will likely have their hands on the table, whereas you’ll seem to be pointing at various things when in fact, you’re just trying to double click that icon! I’m pretty sure that if you turn the sensitivity up, it’ll be less noticeable but also probably quite a bit more difficult to control, given the need for smaller and more precise gestures.

If you’re interested in purchasing this product, check out Mini in the Box. For more cool mice, try out the Mus3: The Pointer Shaped Mouse and the Rhombus Maximus: Intricately Designed Steampunk Mouse.

Via: Incredible Things