Rhombus Maximus: Intricately Designed Steampunk Mouse

The real appeal of the Steampunk style lies in the metallic look and the intricate artistry created from brass, copper and other metals. Most modern designers love to recreate gizmos and gadgets in steampunk style as a tribute to the Victorian era. Alex Neretin has designed the Rhombus Maximus, which essentially is a steampunk computer mouse made of copper, brass and walnut wood. There is also an accompanying small steampunk USB drive which looks equally metallic and Victorian.

steampunk mouse1

steampunk mouse usb design art

Steampunk style in a way transports us back in time and gives us a glimpse of how modern things would have looked had they been invented in 1900s. Rhombus Maximus design depicts mouse and USB pen drive as traditional industrial age creation. The inner detailed design, structure and thought even implies this mouse is powered by steam. The wheels, the mouse buttons made of brass and copper are directly derived from 1900s industrial age too.

steampunk mouse2

Mouse buttons are particularly very cute, I am sure many geeks will love to have such a mouse. There is no further information whether this mouse is functional or not, but I am sure steampunk style functional mouse can be made or is already available.

steampunk mouse3

steampunk mouse4

Many geeky stuff have been redesigned in steampunk style – check out Steampunk Potato Head and Steampunk Iron Man Helmet.

steampunk mouse usb design art 2

steampunk mouse usb design art 3