Mus3: The Pointer Shaped Mouse

You have always used the mouse to point your pointer the right way. Now you can use a pointer to do the same job. Though shaped like a pointer, it is still called a mouse. But does it matter?

The Mus3 gives a fresh new look to the same old mouse. Its shape has changed and so has its working pattern. Its looks simple yet sophisticated.  The design is exactly similar to that of the pointer you see on your screen. This ergonomically designed optical mouse completely does away with the right click button. Instead, it has a scroll wheel on the top which performs dual functions. While it helps scroll it also serves as a replacement for the right click. The tip of the arrow bears the left click button. It might take some time getting used to this new design but once settled it is going to be a pleasure using it.

Designed by Artemy Lebedev, the Mus3 might seem to have quite an unusual shape but while using it one will realize that is is comfortable on the hand. This wireless mouse can connect to any machine, both Windows and Mac OS X, using a USB connection. The mouse itself requires two AA batteries. These are included in the pack. There is a LED indicator in the handle portion. When it lights up it means it is time to replace the batteries. The auto power saving mode helps save on energy when the mouse is idle.

Getting to the technical details, the Mus3 has a signal range of at least two meters and a frame speed of about 76 centimeters per second. Its optical resolution stands at 688 dots per centimeter.

Ever since the computer mouse appeared on the scene its design has hardly seen much change. Almost all designers play around the existing shape with minor tweaks. The Mus3 has come as a whiff of fresh air. There is finally something different we have got to see in this section.

Being loaded with positive features and a whole new design the Mus3 can give competition to any other mouse out there in the market. These are times when customers look for uniqueness and design sense in almost every product and this mouse is sure to attract a lot of attention. After all it does stand out from the crowd. It comes in two elegantly attractive colors – linen and anthracite.

Are you already excited to try it out? I am sure its attractive design will find many buyers. You will also find Wireless Lego Mouse and Keypad Mouse to be amazing designs for this computer accessory.