Optimus Popularis & Mini Six Keyboard

The Optimus Popularis keyboard is made of stuff every self-respecting geek dreams off and has been on the  wish-list of many, since its announcement almost four years ago.

Thankfully no longer one has to play the excruciating waiting game, as the legendary Art Lebedev Studio is finally (stress on finally) accepting  pre-orders for the Optimus Popularis.

The  Optimus Popularis keyboard along with the new Optimus Mini Six  are no ordinary keyboards (yes they have super-powers), since each key is equipped with a LCD running at 64 x 64 pixels resolution and is programmed to perform any function.

While both are essentially programmable keyboards with LCD-equipped keys, they do differ on certain points. The Mini Six is a six-key programmable LCD keyboard marketed as an accompaniment to a computer and is programmed to handle common tasks, be it performing an assigned function or displaying information related to a program. Hence, calling the  Mini Six a remote control or an animated indicator won’t be too far from the truth.

The Optimus Popularis on the other hand is a complete keyboard replacement and supports a 262,144 color palette and videos up to 10fps. Art. Lebedev’s Optimus Popularis and Optimus mini six can be ordered from here for US$1086 US$376 respectively.