Man to Tattoo 100,000 Web URLs

One of the most extreme ways to show your love for Internet is to ink your body with various URLs on your body. Pat Vaillancourt has done just that and is currently the record holder for most number of web URLs tattooed on his body.

He has more than 10,000 web addresses inked on his back and shoulders. If that weren’t enough, he aims to cover his entire body with more than 100,000 URLs. These URLs belong to various businesses and his body sort of acts like the medium for advertising these companies. Of course, I still have not mentioned that there is a noble cause behind this zany act. Pat charges $35 for each of the business web addresses he gets his friend to tattoo on his body, and half of the amount he would earn in this manner would go towards helping the people of Somalia and Haiti.

If we were to calculate how much he would earn from inking 100,000 web addresses, it would be close to $3.5 million, which is quite a lot. While half of the money earned would go to help people in the two countries mentioned, the other half would be used to pay for the tattoos and also to promote similar projects.

The companies who would pay $35 for tattooing their URLs on his body would be listed on his website, which means they would get some exposure even if Pat decides to wear clothes to protect his modesty. Facebook and Twitter have come forward to encourage this act of kindness too. I am not sure which the greater motivating factor is for Pat. Whether he finds an altruistic joy in donating money to Haitians and Somalia’s or he finds it glorifying to be listed in Guinness World Record is something that only Pat can tell us. It could be a little bit of both, but the whole project is quite exciting. You could also take a look at the Text-in-Skin Tattoo and the 9 Turkey Tattoos which look pretty cool too.