Orangutans to Use iPads and Social Media to Communicate Amongst Themselves

It is no big deal to say that we are all apes in a way, and that our ancestors were hairy and hardcore apes who went through several evolutionary changes to become what we are today.

The forgotten ancestral apes would be surprised if they saw us with our iPads and social media wars, or so one might think. Orangutans nationwide could soon be using iPads to connect with one another and become ‘friends’ using the chic device, right from their cages.

In fact, a report reveals that they could even start using Skype to communicate with other orangutans across the nation. These apes are known to have a higher degree of intelligence and a group of researchers and orangutan advocates have taken up the task of bringing the iPad revolution to the furry apes, starting at Milwaukee Zoo. Zoos in Phoenix, Atlanta and Toronto have all agreed to participate in this program where orangutans would be able to engage themselves in ‘primate playdates’ via Skype and other social media services.

Orangutans are known to have a more superior form of communication which involves squealing, rolling eyes, and make every other sort of sound. All these forms of communication can be easily engaged via Skype and an iPad. If you thought this was bizarre, Richard Zimmerman is working towards getting them to play iPad games, watch TV shows and even have their own Facebook profile pages. Surprisingly, orangutans have enough intelligence to process social information provided through Skype, or even through Facebook and other social media services.

He explains that there is a certain grace when they use the touchscreen, and it is phenomenal to watch that. Most researchers agree that orangutans are phenomenally curious and any gadget would eventually grab their attention. However, at the moment the researchers task is focussed on making the iPads unbreakable with some sort of case, as orangutans are particularly fond of dismantling things as well. I would love to see how far this one goes! You could also take a look at the Monkey Jungle Toy.