Google Features Freddie Mercury Doodle for His Birthday

If you were tired of reading a lot of ‘heavy’ news about Google’s patents, its acquisitions, its successes and failures and new applications, well, you can’t really be blamed.

The company is always news, and sometimes it is easy to get saturated when one keeps hearing about the same company over and over again. However, this time around, Google’s cool new animated doodle is a complex piece of image and art work that features Freddie Mercury, the mercurial singer of Queen. Though he died under tragic conditions after being afflicted with AIDS during the notorious first wave of AIDS deaths during the 80s, he continues to remain in many people’s hearts though he tried to ‘break free’.

Break free, he did in a way, from existence on this planet, but he could have hinted at his own orientation as suggested by the video itself. Google unveiled Freddie Mercury Doodle in order to celebrate his birthday on Monday (today). If he lived, he would have been 65. The doodle has been set to the tune of ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’, which is full of energy and color, just like his life had always been until it was snuffed out by the notorious virus.

Doodler Jennifer Hom told NBC that it took almost 3 months to build the doodle and it features a number of his songs and even the animated pictures make references to several music videos, including ‘Flash’, and ‘I Want to Break Free’. The Freddie Mercury Doodle is live all over the world on Monday, but would be live on Tuesday in America. Queen’s guitarist Brian May remembered happy and sad moments with Freddie, when he was alive on the official Google Blog. You could also take a look at the Les Paul and Charlie Chaplin Google Doodles that were featured earlier.