OS X Yosemite is out, is free, and is great

The latest OS X, Yosemite, is out already and users can download it for free at the Mac store. Join us and learn what’s new.


Apple’s most recent OS X was made available a few hours ago at the Mac App Store for free. It had been announced at WWDC 2014 with a new, improved look and significant upgrades, as well as improved compatibility with iOS, which made it seem like we were in for a real, fantastic upgrade. As nearly a million beta users had been saying for a while, we’re happy to report this is true indeed. Yosemite (the first named after a geographic location instead of a feline) has been brought to the masses so everyone can weigh in on it, and now is here to stay.

Some of our favorite features are the ones that have to do with iOS integration: users are now able to receive phone calls, share files via AirDrop and work seamlessly between their iPhones, iPads and computers. Furthermore, with the upcoming patch scheduled for Monday, users will even be able to send and receive text and multimedia messages via the Messages app.

Yosemite is sort of an all-terrain, as it runs on any iMac released after 2007 to present, which is a pretty huge window that ensures that most of the userbase gets to run it. Have some of you been running it already? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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