iPad Air 2 Images Leak Ahead of Apple’s October Event

After missing Apple’s earlier press conference in September, the company has now set a date for their next iPad reveal – October 16th.

iPad Air 2 image

September was an incredibly big month for Apple. When they weren’t laughing and dancing in the streets over the staggeringly high amount of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus sales (the two phones sold 10 million units between them in 3 days) the company was hampered with dipping share prices as customers were introduced to iPhone 6 Plus Bendgate.

Bendgate has certainly been the talk of the town these past few weeks with plenty of memes being made about Apple’s ‘bendy’ phones but bubbling under the surface, many have also been speculating about the next iPad. It’s been a year since we saw a new version of Apple’s tablet but with leaked images and a date pencilled in for later this week, we now have a slightly better idea of what to expect.

iPad Air 2 image 2

Leaked from Vietnam, the leaked images you see above are said to be of the next iPad. Specifically, the latest Apple tablet will be called the iPad Air 2 and will be the successor of last year’s iPad Air, which brought with it an incredibly slim body that was so thin that the device could be hidden behind a pencil. The ‘iPad’ in the images is actually a dummy uses to make cases and it suggests that they’ll be similar in design to the first iPad Air. All that appears to be different is that the iPad Air 2 will have ion-strengthened glass just like the iPhone 6 and that Home button clearly sports a ring around it. Does that mean that the iPad will feature TouchID for the very first time? Probably, and the timing makes sense too as Apple Pay is scheduled to be launched later this year.

What is a concern about the iPad Air 2 (provided that these images are legitimate) is that while the design is the same as the first iPad Air, the iPad Air 2 is slightly thinner. It’s only thinner by 0.5mm but if that’s a big enough change for Apple to design then it’s a big enough one to make a difference. As seen with the iPhone 6 Plus, thinner does not always equal better and the large, thin body also led to that bending that we’ve all recoiled in horror at.

Whether or not Apple has fixed these problems with the iPad Air 2 is unclear (keep in mind that the company is still denying that there’s even a widespread problem on the iPhone 6 Plus) but we’ll know more following Apple’s iPad press conference later this week.

Source: GSM Arena, Tinhte

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