Wicked Lollipops That Encompass Galaxies, Insects and Bats

People who sell their products on Etsy get more and more creative. The tremendous demand orders that the creator of these fantastic lollipops gets is solid proof that creativity pays off, eventually.

There are many geeks out there who have a sweet tooth, so what better way to put out the craving than with some geeky sweets? The following lollipops are a great choice for anyone looking for unique stuff, even when it comes to the sweets that they eat. The creator of these wicked lollipops is a Chicago-based woman or girl who goes under the name of VintageConfections on Etsy.

A set of 10 such lollipops containing edible images of galaxies would run you $17.50.  Included in the set are: Sun, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. Even though the first and the latter are not planets, I do not think anyone would mind this aspect. Practically, you get the entire solar system in… edible form. Cotton candy and strawberries are the only two available flavor options for this set.

While the solar system lollipops may be good anytime of the year, the ones encompassing insects and bats would be particularly tasty during Halloween. These come in sets of 6 cherry or vanilla flavored lollipops that cost $10.50. Due to the incredibly high demand, the delivery of these lollipops takes up to 8 weeks, so if you want to have them ready for Halloween, you had better place the order now.

The bat and the bloody bones lollipops are other assortments that will leave people talking for many weeks after they leave your Halloween party. The sweet tart black and orange bats come in tangerine and cherry flavors, while the bloody bones lollipops taste like cotton candy. All you have to do is to tell your pranksters not to be shy and to help themselves with some wicked treats. After this, it remains to be seen who is tricking who.

Bear in mind, though, that if you are outside the US and  place your order now, you will not receive the lollipops earlier than November 1. The shipping costs are listed on Etsy. Make sure you check out the page of this incredibly creative maker of sweets, as it includes many other designs, some freaky and some terribly normal, but all undoubtedly sweet.

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