20 Awesome Pac-Man Items for a Kickass Pac-Man Home

I go to the table, Pac-Man is waiting for you. You sit on a chair, but immediately get up because you are sitting on Pac-Man. You grab a coffee, the mug is also Pac-Man mug. Terrified, you run to the window, and here Pac-Man is winking at you. No, you didn’t fall asleep while playing the classic video. You just walked into a true den of geeks – a Pac-Man home where everything is made on Pac-Man theme.

Puckman Bookcase


Italian designer Mirko Ginepro’s Pac-Man piece of furniture will make even the most inactive reader go to the bookcase over and over again to fetch a random book. It is made up of shining, varnished wood and comes in yellow, white, black or custom colors.

Ghostly Pac-Man Wall Lamps


Bothered that Pac-Man would be lonely all by himself, Mirko Ginepro decided to create Pacman lamps resembling the ghosts Pinky, Blinky, Clyde and Inky to accompany him.

Pacman Coffee Table


Syd Bolton proved his level as a top game collector when he ordered designer Erin McFadden to make this beautiful Pac-Man coffee table. The top of the table resembles the starting screen of the game with Pac-Man occupies the right half of the table and the ghosts in the center.

30th Anniversary Pac-Man Cocktail Table


To celebrate 30th anniversary of the classic video game, folks at Namco – the creators of the very first Pac-Man arcade game in the 80s – created this retro Pac-Man arcade cocktail table. Nostalgia doesn’t come cheap. The table is available at Hammacher Schlemmer for a whooping $3,500.

Pac-Man Chair Design


Gadi Dudler’s Pac-Man chair design can open up and turn into a chair just like how the Pac-Man opens his mouth and eats the dots. Given fans’ crazy love for Pac-Man, hopefully this awesome 3D rendition will be turned into a real product soon.

Pac-Man Game Chair


The Pac-Man game chair is a fantastic design that will bring Pac-Man to life. Taking the shape of Pac-Man with his mouth wide open, the chair is a perfect place to mediate or to chill between intense gaming sessions.

Pac-Man Sofa



This extremely good-looking Pac-Man Sofa is a guarantee for a run of money for its creator – Yin Yang. Each set comes with two pieces: one as Pac-Man with his hungry mouth, and another as a dot that can be eaten up.

Pac-Man Game Stools


Spotted at a gaming exhibition called KRAZY, these ultra cute Pac-Man game stools made a good impression on the audience. The stool design is inspired by the ghosts in their different colors.

Pac-Man Light Cap for Home Bulbs


Resembling the famous yellow and round game character we all play and love, these silicon O! caps for home bulbs are colorful, aromatic, eco-friendly and will definitely give your boring home bulbs a geeky and beautiful makeover.

Pactuator the Clockwork Pac-Man

The Pactuator is no ordinary steampunk piece of art, but a masterpiece of a true Pac-Man fandom and skillful craftsmanship. The intricate details on the laser-engraved frame are way too beautiful, and Pac-Man can continuously open and close his mouth when the crank is turned.

Pac-Man Alarm Clock


Nobody loves alarm clocks, because their sound means that we have to say goodbye to our sweet dreams and the warm bed. This ultra cute Pac-Man inspired alarm clock, however, will make you change your mind.

Pac-Man Pillows



Talking about bed, your Pac-Man dream cannot be complete without these cozy Pac-Man pillows. In the first photo are Sewing Punzie’s hand-knitted pillows that features 4 ghosts Blinky, Inky, Pinky and Clyde together with Mr. and Ms. Pac-Man in their original colors.

Super Pac-Man Blanket


Meticulously hand knitted for a super sleep, the Super Pac-Man blanket does not only keep you warm but also keep you happy even when you are sleeping.

Pac-Man Shower Curtain


This Pac-Man shower curtain will revamp your bathroom with a geeky theme and entertain you when you are doing your everyday stuff. It also comes with Pac-Man towels for a fully geeky set.

Pac-Man Silicon Hothead


Designed by Fred Kitchen, the 3D Pac-Man silicon hothead will help you prepare or serve dinner in style. The Pac-Man has the look of Pac-Man with a game maze imprinted inside its open mouth.

Pac-Man Cutting Board


Made out of wooden strips in end-grain style, the Pac-Man cutting board can last for a long time as it prevents the knife cutting the wood fibers.

Pac-Man Mugs



Featuring the screen of the classic video game Pac-Man, these retro Pac-Man mugs are perfect to enjoy a tea or coffee with fellow gamers.

Pac-Man Coaster Set


And of course, you need Pac-Man coasters to accompany your Pac-Man mugs. The Pac-Man coaster set consists of 6 coaster items, each features a Pac-Man character we are all familiar with.