Pacman Cutting Boards In End-Grain Style Makes Way with Pixilated Version

So if think you have one of the most awesome collections of fun games, then I am sure Pacman would definitely be one of them. Pacman has almost reached out to all products, like the Pacman T-shirts or the Pacman wall lamp, so to make sure it hits every and any product, Pacman succeeds in reaching out kitchens, by portraying itself onto a cutting board as well.Pacman Cutting Boards

Just like most of the cutting boards, this one is also made out of wooden strips in end-grain style. By this style, it means that the board is long lasting as it prevents the knife cutting the wood fibers. This is great as your Pacman picture and the board made with the combination of walnut and hard maple will remain unaffected when the board is in use!

Pacman Cutting Boards (2)

I guess this is a wonderful concept for all the geeky Pacman lovers who enjoy cooking, for right in the center of this board is your beloved pixilated 8-bit styled arcade character that spreads across the board, as shown in the pictures below. These amazing boards are available at $165; totally hand made and can be bought from 1337 motif’s shop at Etsy. This arguably the cutest video game characterized cutting boards’ measure 18 inches x12 inches x1.5 inches.

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Via: Geeky Gadgets