14 Awesome Pac-Man Remakes

A good video game doesn’t get old. It becomes classic. Pac-Man is, no doubt, one of the best video games of all time; and it cannot get old because even when Namco has stopped developing it, its enormous fan base keeps creating awesome remakes of their favorite video games. We have made the list of 14 coolest Pac-Man remakes for your entertainment.

Pac-Man’s Life Lessons


The little cute Pac-Man cannot only entertain you but also teach you a worthy life lesson. His philosophy is simple: “Eat. Avoid Bad People. Jump to Next Level.”

Pacman Prank in France

Sometimes, French can have a good sense of humor. A group of fun loving French geeks were dressed up like Pac-Man and the ghosts and created a hell of havoc in a supermarket just for the fun of it. It does seem like people there enjoyed it.

Roomba Pac-Man Game

The Roomba Pac-Man is a wonderful creation that will make the laziest geek enjoy cleaning. With 5 separate Roomba Vacuums: one for Pacman and four for the ghosts, you can play Roomba Pac-Man game just like the way you play the video game.

Google’s Playable Pac-Man Logo


Google celebrated Pac-Man’s 30th anniversary with one of the most awesome logos ever. They changed their logo to a Pac-Man Google Doodle which was actually playable.

Pac-Man: Life’s Good


We haven’t seen Pac-Man around for a while, and now we know why. He has been disguising himself in LG’s logo! Now we have a new problem to ponder upon: Who got the idea first: LG or Namco?

Pac-Man Island


Depicting Pac-Man eating a ghost, the Pac-Man island must be the hottest estate among hardcore gamers. Unfortunately, it’s just a Photoshop rendition by Jeff Blazer.

Pac-Man Car Makeover


Using cars and drivers to re-create the classic game Pac-Man, Ronald Cuyan aimed to criticize the way we use cars nowadays. A huge traffic jam can be as confusing and annoying as a crazy maze.  The Spanish text in the image says: “Overcrowding vehicles: it is not a game!” He also created a car makeover for Tetris.

Pac-Man 3D Illusion

YouTube user Brusspup uploaded this video to demonstrate his awesome creation of Pac-Man game in optical illusion that can be seen with bare eyes. The 3D image is so real that you will like you can touch Pac-Man and 3 ghosts, each is trapped in the end of a maze hall.

Human Pac-Man Game

It must have taken Guillaume Reymond a lot of time and effort to create this amazing human Pac-Man game project. The human Pac-Man game goes on the way as the original game, with the maze being built by blue humans while Pac-Man and the ghosts are replaced by other people in colors.

Pac-Man Ghosts


Puro Achismo had a morbid idea to celebrate Pac-Man’s 30th birthday: he illustrated the game on the background of a cemetery. Pac-Man’s ghosts are now real ghosts, and the game is no doubt a killer.

Pac-Man Can Art


Canstruction is an international competition for the charitable purposes. The competition always amazes visitors with participants’ crazy artworks made out of cans of soft drinks and canned food. This fantastic Pac-Man canstruction is one of them.

Pac-Man Sand Sculpture Design


Here is one cool thing to do next time you go to the beach with your fellow geeks, aka those who refuse to grow up: building a huge Pac-Man sand sculpture. It doesn’t look too complicated and it will ensure you a lot of fun.

Real Pac-Man

If you think that Pac-Man is always cute and there is nothing not good about him, this eerie Pac-Man creation will make you change your mind. Pac-Man was found dead, collected and preserved in formaldehyde just like a real dead animal or human. It even has a biological name: Pakku Rotundus.

Ms. Pac-Man Music Video

Made by director Doug Schachtel for the British band “The go! team”, for the track “Junior Kickstart”, this music video will any Pac-Man fan burst into tears because of joy. The video features actors dressed up like Ms. Pac-Man and the ghosts, and Ms. Pac-Man is being chased through streets.