Sony Launches Spotify-Powered PlayStation Music

The Sony-Spotify partnership announced earlier this year wasn’t made in vain, as their brainchild, known as PlayStation Music, finally got launched today.

The Japanese corporation already had an audio streaming service, called Music Unlimited, but that one wasn’t exactly available in as many countries or on as many devices as Sony would’ve wanted. In consequence, the company had to collaborate with others to target a greater audience with its products. The partner came in the form of Swedish startup Spotify, and the resulting product was named PlayStation Music.

Judging by the name, you might think that PlayStation Music is available exclusively on Sony’s gaming console, but you would be wrong. Not only is it available on the PS4, but also on the previous generation, and on top of that, users can also take advantage of this music streaming service on Xperia smartphones and tablets. Sony wouldn’t advertise the fact that the service is actually available on Android devices regardless of the brand, but my guess is that you could use PlayStation Music on any smartphone or tablet running Google’s mobile OS, as long as you’re in a country where Spotify works.

Getting started is pretty intuitive, but Sony insisted to post a guide on the PlayStation Network website. There are two sets of instructions, actually, and you need to follow the one belonging to the type of device you own.

Gaming console users will have to download the Spotify app and login or create a new Spotify account. Next, they need to link their PlayStation Network account to Spotify and enjoy all the music they can stream. The instructions for Xperia devices are much simpler, but very similar.

An ad-supported version of the app is available for free, but the ones who want an uninterrupted experience will have to pay $10 for a subscription. The bad news is that Xbox One users will have to wait a bit to get a similar streaming service for their consoles. Even worse, there are some chances that Sony may benefit from exclusivity in its relationship with Spotify, and seeing how the forum thread requesting an equivalent for the Xbox one has gone past 40 pages, one might conclude that there’s no room for Microsoft in this monogamous relationship.

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