Pacing Through London with Pacman

When you want to go traveling around in London, the tube could be your best option and this would require you to possess a map of the tube routes. With the maps you have an option – either you go for the regular maps or try something new like the Pacman tube map. This must be sounding a bit funny but it is true.

Pacman was an arcade game that was launched way back in 1980 and became an instant hit. It was one of the most popular games of its time and still has a huge fan following. Initially it was only launched in Japan from where it moved on to the USA and from there the entire world. Being trapped in a Pacman maze is fun and every time you overcome an obstacle you get closer to solving the maze. On your way you need to eat all the pac-dots. The more you eat the faster your mission is accomplished and the higher you climb up on the levels ladders of the game.

With a set-up involving a maze and traveling from one end to another it was quite a wonderful idea to incorporate this game into the London tube map. Who says that maps are supposed to be boring with the same old legends being followed over the years? You can always add that twist to a boring thing and give it a brand new look. Now with the Pacman there to guide you along the tube routes of London, traveling will take a completely new turn. Looking at the map is going to be fun and you might even be prompted to explore new areas.

If you are an old timer in London even then the Pacman tube maps are going to hold the same excitement as it would for a new comer. You might be traveling along the same old routes but now with something new and interesting in hand.

You might say that the Pacman game involved mazes which often led you astray but relax as this Pacman maze is going to keep you absolutely on track. With your sheet of the Pacman tube map, you will never be missing out on your stops. Every stop is clearly marked out for you on this 33 X 23 inch map. And guess what? Blinky, Inky, Pinky and Clyde are also there to give Pacman company. For once they are not here to cause any trouble.

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Via: Colossal