Stanley Kubrick Pictogram Movie Posters

Stanley Kubrick was a legendary movie maker who left a legacy of classics that would be watched for decades to come. In order to pay an ode to his classic movies, Viktor Hertz has created some of the coolest pictograms possible.

They are minimalist in nature, and use only achromatic colours. In fact, the artist reveals that the when the French Cinémathèque contacted Viktor Hertz and wanted to feature his pictograms at the online exhibition, ‘Kubrick et le Web’. The artist reveals that he has always been a fan of Stanley Kubrick ever since he watched A Clockwork Orange, and 2001: A Space Odyssey gave goosebumps to him. The Shining pictograms feature two women, depicting the twins from the film. Most of Stanley Kubrick’s movies are derived from novels are short stories, and The Killing is a film noir released in 1956 and based on a novel written by Lionel White called Clean Break.

Paths of Glory features a morose pictogram of 3 men about to be executed by a hidden gunman. The idea was to portray war as brutal, using black and white images.

Spartacus was another Stanley Kubrick movie that featured the classic Greek hero.

Stanley Kubrick’s Lolita became so notorious that no woman who has been named ‘Lolita’ can avoid unpleasant questions. It speaks about an adolescent girl who seduces grown men.

Dr. Strangelove is again a satirical movie about bombs and how they affect life.

2001: A Space Odyssey was one of the classic sci-fi movies that have remained popular over the years. There couldn’t have been a better sci-fi movie, and this pictogram truly depicts the movie in a minimalist manner.

The Clockwork Orange is a dark movie that depicts that shocking and often grotesque nature of violence in human society.

Barry Lyndon is about how a man travels to the high society, enjoys decadence for a moment and falls from grace.

The Shining is one of the movies that still gives me the creeps and is adapted from horror writer Stephen King’s bestselling novel. This pictogram features the twins in the movie.

The Full Metal Jacket is all about the Vietnam War that cost thousands of lives on both sides.

Viktor’s Pictograms end with Eyes Wide Shut, famous for Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise’s roles in the movie, and how their relationship was affected by the movie to an extent.

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