You Spin Me Right Round, Baby: Paper Record Player Wedding Invitations

We’ve seen a lot of really cool paper crafts here on Walyou, but when it comes to ingenuity, this one might be (wait for it!) … a record.

New York designer Kelli Anderson crafted this clever wedding invitation for Mike Tarantino and Karen Sandler, both friends of the artist. Karen, who is a part-time DJ, and Mike, who is a Grammy-nominated sound engineer, wanted to ask guests to join them for their upcoming nuptials with something that would really showcase their love of music, but they didn’t want your standard boring old invite. Together with Anderson and her significant other, Daniel, the couple dreamed up this idea — with a little help and inspiration from an old episode of Mr. Wizard’s World, of course.

The record itself features a catchy, original song by the couple (listen to it in its entirety here) and is actually a thin vinyl record called a flexi disc, making it one of the few non-paper components of the project. Add in a sewing needle to catch the grooves and a screw to hold the record in place, and all you need is some creative paper folding to give you a crafty DIY turntable.

According to Anderson, it took the group a lot of trial and error to figure out where to put the fold marks on the paper to get the angle of the needle just right. (That’s right kids: you really do use geometry in real life.)

If the record is spun at 45 RPM, a somewhat garbled version of the song plays. As you rotate the record, the graphics laid over it change, putting the couple in different scenes and inviting the wedding guests to share different parts of the couple’s future life together.

Anderson and the rest of the group specifically chose each material component to make the invitations as easy to use as possible, and to produce the best sound they could with what they had. The result is a creative and fun invitation that truly captures the couple’s passion for music and for one another.

Source: Swissmiss