Path Social App Hits Android

One of the more popular uses for the smartphone, especially since they all started incorporating internet access and better definition cameras is using them to review restaurants and show people exactly what you are eating and why you either love or hate it.

Of course there are already a ton of apps out there that allow you to review and rate different restaurants where you are eating with the most well known being the Yelp app that has become so popular over the last year or two.  There are also apps that aren’t necessarily geared towards restaurants only but rather allow you to document any business or stop you make along the way of your travels such as GoPlanit that will show where you’ve been and also where you are planning to go.  Another popular app in this particular genre has just been released for the Android after having some great success on the iPhone and iPad devices.

Path is the newest addition to the Android stable of apps that will allow you to share where you are and where you want to go by doing much more than changing the status on your Facebook page.  The app will allow you to take beautiful pictures of whatever you’d like and almost instantaneously share those status changes with your circle of friends.  The app will also allow you to tag certain spots and “moments” with specific friends so that those friends will be able to view those pictures quicker as well as show your other friends what they are missing.  Now when you and that close group of friends decide to hit the newest Alice in Wonderland restaurant in Japan you can shoot pictures of the ground breaking business, show and tag those friends who actually went with you and even select a mood icon that will try and show just how you felt when you were hanging out there.

Of course if you hit the restaurant all by yourself, you can still chat with your little circle of BFFs right through this app, instead of having to find a new app that all your friends are on.  Path has been released as a Beta, because the developers say they want the users to help make the app better.  Download it now and get to work documenting your fun.