New Watch Will Tell You How Drunk You Are

We are always looking for new and inventive wristwatches that can set us apart from the crowd.  How about a new kind of watch that can tell time and keep you safe to boot?

Shopping for Father’s Day, or a birthday or Christmas or whatever holiday you feel like celebrating can be a big of a pain if you’ve decided to go with the more traditional present like a wrist watch.  Sometimes you might want to go with a watch that has some real character, say a watch that looks like a mini-guitar.  Other times you want to go with something functional but functional to the point where it does more than just tell you the time.  That’s where a new watch that can actually tell you the time as well as what your BAC is might be just the thing for you.

Of course this isn’t a watch you give to someone with the express purpose being that you want to shame them into stopping drinking, but if you can make it a fun game with someone or you and your friends to be able to have a night on the town and then make sure there is always someone sober enough to get the group home, this watch could certainly come in handy.

The watch itself has a unique LCD display and the band is made of stainless steel, so no one should feel self conscious actually sporting the thing on their wrist.  The screen also brings touch screen capabilities so that with the push on the right pad you can illuminate your screen to see that it’s 3:15 in the morning and that you have to get home.  Another touch opens a port on the side of the watch that you then blow into and the screen will tell you whether you would qualify as the town whino, or whether you are as sober as a judge.  Because this watch is brand new there isn’t yet a price or release date available but the attractive look and the added functionality should make this a pretty popular model.