Pee Analyzer Keeps Tipsy People Away from Their Cars

When consuming alcoholic beverages (especially beer), people inevitably end up in the bathroom. The following system displays a warning both above the urinals and at the parking lot, so that people acknowledge the fact that they drank too much.

The system also relies on RFID parking cards that helps parking valets identify the intoxicated men in question. There is a bit of sexual discrimination in the mix, as urinals are not intended for women, and a similar system for the alcohol-loving representatives of the weaker sex has yet to be implemented.

DDB Group Singapore created the Pee Analyzer system for the Zouk nightclub from the same country. Remember Singapore? That tiny island country from South-East Asia? Well, despite its small size, that country seems to have quite a lot of people who drink and drive. I’m not going to generalize here, but 2141 incidents for a population of 5 million is quite a lot, not to mention that some of the accidents were fatal.

The first component of the Pee Analyzer system is a RFID parking card that is handed out to the customers when they park their cars. Next, they proceed to drinking, having fun (presumably), talking up the girls and all that. At some point, willy nilly (kidding!), they go to the bathroom and have their urine analyzed. Of course, that’s not their purpose for visiting the boys’ room, but since they’re there, why not take care of that aspect, too?

Unfortunately, the only thing the sensor placed in the urinal does is look for the concentration of alcohol in the pee. The ones wanting a more complete set of analyses will have to visit their doctors.

When the patrons decide to leave the nightclub, a valet will scan their RFID parking card and recommend them to pick a cab or call their drive home service, provided that the RFID card indicates they’ve had a bit too much fun.

Above you can see the message displayed above the urinal, while below there is the message displayed when the parking valet scans the RFID card. In fewer words, these messages say: “Go home, you’re drunk!” while making sure that you don’t use your car to get there.

Watch the following video to get a better idea of how the system looks and works. Hopefully, this will help drivers from Singapore be more responsible.

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