Peel: A Concept Clock That Is Just A-Peeling

Basically this is a notifier clock, quite an unusual one I must admit! and it functions in a manner that is even weirder; This clock is synced to your PC and your mobile phone wirelessly and hence keeps a track of all your appointments, your calender, your schedule and your e-mail accounts, and notifies you through a peeled screen on any of the faces of the cube.

Peel clock 1

Although it may look quite unconventional in design, it still makes up for a very ingenious desk-top gadget, one that will very much eliminate the use of a PDA. As seen in the visual representations, the front face of the clock displays the time in both analog and digital fashion and in addition to the time it also displays the date.

Peel clock 2

Since this clock is wirelessly synced to your phone and the PC, it will automatically acquire all details from your schedule and calender, it will also keep a track of all your e-mail accounts. A notification is given by the characteristic ‘peeling off’ of a screen on a particular face of the cube, the more serious the notification, the wider it peels; I do hope its wide enough to catch the attention of the user, perhaps Mac Funamizu-the designer should also incorporate some audio notifications as well.

Peel clock 3

Peel clock 4

Peel clock 5

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