First Person Shooter in Real Life?

If there’s one thing video games do well, it’s train us to be unfeeling, merciless killing machines who cannot distinguish between games and real life.  Well, the line between fantasy and reality just got a little bit blurrier and a lot more awesome thanks to this cool video demonstrating what a first-person-shooter game would be like in real life.

In this video, Freddie Wong takes us into the body of your favorite Call of Duty soldier and shows us what it might look like in real life.  It’s a lot like that part from the movie adaptation of Doom, but with a lot less terrible acting from The Rock.

It looks like all those hours put away at Modern Warfare doesn’t just hone your murderous reflexes and make your trigger finger itch, it turns you into a cinematic genius.  This incredible video has better production values than most Hollywood flicks, or at least, any Uwe Boll film.

It appears Freddie’s video game fantasy come to life still includes him getting sniped from afar and stabbed in the back from an unseen opponent.  Check out the kill cam views for Freddie’s deaths in the video to see what not to do when having a gunfight in the woods (other than not have gunfights in the woods).

If video game graphics keep improving, will this be what the next Medal of Honor looks like?  Will we be able to upload images of ourselves so we can slaughter (and be slaughtered by) our closest friends in a totally life-like environment?  It could be sooner than you think!

If we are making the switch from first-person-shooter game to first person-shooter reality then you might want to get prepared with this Master Chief Lego Helmet and arm yourself with this G-Mate Gun Overlord.

Via: Geekologie