Pelican Pro-Gear Is The Ultimate iPhone 5 Case

Your beloved phone needs nothing short of the best available protection in the market, and that’s exactly where the Pelican Pro-Gear comes in.

Pelican Pro-Gear Case iPhone 5

This bad boy here, which can be bought at the Pelican Pro-gear website, is your one stop for the ultimate iPhone protection gear. The Pelican Pro-Gear provides vital defense from the elements along with insulating elastomeric shock and impact protection from a height of up to 72 inches.

Its features include a water-resistant membrane, a durable screen cover with anti-scratch technology, an optical-grade Dragontrail® glass camera port and flush-fitting stainless steel hex-head machine screws. Now your phone is almost indestructible!

You can learn more about the military-grade protection Pelican Pro-Gear provides by watching the video below these lines.

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