Table of Pencils: Bring Back Your Childhood

For many of us, growing up seemed to take forever; we were never old enough, tall enough or adult enough to do the things we wanted. Now that we’ve grown up and realized that staying up all night and watching rated R movies isn’t worth giving up nap time, we want nothing more than to be a kid again. It’s time that you revisited your childhood by incorporating youthful touches in your adult furniture.

Motohiro Tomii has been incorporating the whimsy of color into adult design since 1997, when he was first featured in Tokyo, just one year after he graduated from Musashino Art and Design School. While his Table of Pencil is a functional piece, most of Motohiro’s designs are purely for observation.

The Table of Pencil answers the question “what happens to all of those missing colored pencils?” Maybe one of his future installments will clue us in to what is happening it all of those socks.