Anti SOPA Protest: Reimagining Superheroes

Lately, people are increasingly worried about the future of Internet, thanks but no thanks to bills that may curtail the freedom of websites. For instance, SOPA attracted so much of web fury that several websites including Wikipedia went offline.

With that in mind, an artist has decided to protest in his own manner against the copyrights laws, which are becoming increasingly heavy-handed to the point of obstructing artistic freedom. What Alex Pardee decided to do was to blatantly take several superhero characters and then redesigned them in a surreal and terrifying manner. Called ‘Icans’, the protest was all about screaming that ‘I can reimagine any superhero the way I want to’. All the characters that he retouched look completely bizarre and totally cool.

Incredible Hulk looks incredibly weird and bloated, as if he breathed in a ton of noxious fumes and toxic gases.

Superman looks like he just got a boob-job done in France, where the silicones were recently reported to be of a cheaper quality.

Batman does not look like anything that I can possibly imagine. Perhaps he looks like a prehistoric animal that went really, really wrong.

Wolverine looks more like a 3 legged spider than what we have always understood the character to be.

Flash looks like he has just been electrocuted and his insides imploded and then exploded again.

Megaman seems more like an alien who eats humans for pleasure.

Fred Flintstone reminds you of a revolving top that mutates into a bizarre creature capable of bringing human race to an end.

Garfield still looks like himself: bloated, sarcastic and smug. Only, he seems to have devoured Odie and Jon along with buckets of lasagne.

If you like your superheroes way too much, you could also take a look at their Superhero Pictograms and these Customized Superhero Bicycles which we featured sometime ago. Meanwhile, Alex surely has done a great job at reimagining these superhero characters and could be one of the coolest protests against SOPA so far.