Social Networking Pepsi Machines: Gift Your Favorite Beverages to Friends

The 21st century seems to be endlessly spouting out new ways to be socially connected online. Pepsi is doing their part now by allowing customers to be connected via their vending machines.

No, I did not type that wrong, nor did you read it wrong; Pepsi is now distributing machines that are socially connected, allowing users to not only purchase their favorite beverages, but also send virtual gifts to friends, which can be redeemed for beverages.

When customers approach the new dispensers, they will see a large touch screen interface which will display three options to start with. These options are “Buy a drink,” “Connect With Pepsi Refresh Project,” and “Gift a Drink/Redeem a Drink.” Let’s start with the first.

Buying a drink hasn’t changed much, but the touch screen offers an innovative way to select your beverage. Customers will be taken to a screen showing the different beverages offered, and once one is selected, will then be shown a screen showing detailed nutrition information, as well as the ability to swipe to different drinks, and of course the option to purchase the drink.

Next is connecting with the Refresh Project, which allows users to connect online and watch a video detailing the Refresh Project, as well as allowing users to register to receive a coupon for their next purchase.

Lastly, and possibly most importantly, is the gifting and redeeming option for the machine. In this section of the vending machine, customers will, obviously, be able to gift or redeem a beverage to their favorite friends, or even complete strangers if one is feeling overly generous. To gift a drink, all one has to do is enter some personal information for yourself and the recipient, and the gift is sent via text message, where the lucky recipient will be given a code to use on the vending machine of their choice. Senders can also include a little message, as well as a video message for their friends to see. If you’d like to see a video showing all the details of the machine, check it out below!

While I for one am a little skeptical of the practicality of this new machine, it does seem quite interesting, and also something that many will surely want to try out and use. My only hope is that when I enter my information, I hope I don’t start receiving daily emails from Pepsi asking me to participate in surveys or use their coupons…

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Via: Geekologie