Big Eyes: The Steampunk Style Leather Gas Mask

Leather Gas Mask is military equipment has been given a makeover in steampunk style giving birth to a sturdy looking gas mask. It is made of leather and promises to provide the best of protective functions to the user.

A mask is something which covers your face, either to protect you or to help conceal your identity. There are many types of masks that are worn for entertainment purpose or for a very specific job. One such mask is the gas mask. It protects the user against airborne toxic materials. These materials can either be gaseous or particulate.

The steampunk leather gas mask named Big Eyes has been created by Bob Basset. This team from Ukraine consists of artists with a long history of experience in their respective fields. They are well equipped and experienced to work with materials like stone, metal, resin, glass and various others used by craftsmen.

Big Eyes is one such project undertaken by the team and the results they have produced are outstanding. The name is well befitting as the first thing that catches your eyes are the two large eye lenses. The air filter is also the size of the eye lens but since it is a little towards the chin portion it is not so distinctly visible. Like any other gas mask this one two has two pipes, one for inhaling and the other for exhaling.

The masks we get today are made of silicone rubber as it provides a very well fitting experience. But this gas mask that we are talking about here belongs to the steampunk style and hence has to be different. The face of this mask is made of leather. Leather can be said to be good choice for a gas mask. Not only is it a natural product but proves to be very sturdy and durable too. One leather gas mask is sure to be with you for a pretty long time.

This, however, is not the first time that leather has been used for this purpose. Moreover, the field of gas masks has attracted a good number of artists resulting in numerous styles and designs of steampunk leather gas masks. The one by Bob Basset is yet another version that is sure to get its share of attention, which it deserves to get.

A gas mask is normally associated with the military. It gained popularity during the First World War when chlorine gas was first used by the Germans to attack the French soldiers. It is still used to a great extent in today’s times. The style and material used for production might have undergone slight changes but the function remains the same. Thanks to Lewis P Haslett who invented it way back in 1847.

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