Get Mobile with Perch Wireless Speakers

Wake up to the un-wired 21st century, when practically everything possible is going wireless day by day. It all started with the cellular phones, then the computer became wireless and then the internet

As the name suggests, Perch Speaker is indeed wireless and thus, it is portable. Dump it in your bag with the lot many other things and carry it around to use when needed. It is compatible with most mobile media players including the smart phone like iPhones, Blackberries, iPods and other multimedia and android devices. Grounds on which wireless speakers would any day top the lists would be on the basis of their mobility, volume, battery charge but most importantly, its them being wireless! It is always the best solution to get rid of all those wires and cables messing up your walls and tables. Also in terms of mobility, it is most convenient to carry them along wherever you go. When it comes it volume, wireless speakers prove to be more effective than the wired ones and with these speakers you can save your funds with rechargeable batteries instead of alkaline ones.

The Perch speaker is powered by rechargeable batteries present internally. The famous Bluetooth technology is used to playback through the speaker. A microphone incorporated with the speaker with perforated holes makes possible conference and video calls. The hinge which opens at the behind of the speaker enables it to stand up in portrait mode.

Besides the speaker, the Perch is an all-in-one slim package also including a phone charging station. The dock which also holds the speaker is a black rubber rimmed white plastic set with anodized metal base. It also serves as a platform for charging your media devices. In addition, a digital alarm clock is present too with LED display. The speaker is docked in place on this stand at its magnetized area which also contains provision for the charging slot. At its side, the mechanisms to set the time and alarm are present while at the behind, speaker and USB charging points are provided for. Also included in the package is AC adapter with a range of USB connectors.

Be it in your bag or your big pocket or on your table, the Perch is worth a buy for $179.99.

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